Selina Jen will not act after making showbiz comeback

The starlet’s sister also updated the public on Selina’s current health condition

Newlywed S.H.E. member Selina Jen was badly scarred in an on-set accident last year, and had since been on the road of recovery.

Sister Kirsten, in a recent interview, commented on the possibility of Selina making a comeback soon.

The actress, who is currently filming in China, confessed to being homesick and admitted that, ever since her sister's accident, her parents became very worried about her and had even bought additional insurance coverage for her.

Commenting on her sister's health condition, Kirsten revealed that Selina spends half her time in physiotherapy, while the rest of the time was spent watching variety shows and dramas. Sometimes, the singer would go for a stroll with her family.

"She can walk naturally already, but is still unable to stand or sit for too long," Kirsten said.

When asked when Selina would her make showbiz comeback, Kirsten let on that it would depend on her sister's health.

As for Selina's future career path, Kirsten said, "[Selina] will not act after making her comeback and will focus on hosting and singing."

The actress also revealed that Selina had been enjoying a romantic and loving life after her marriage, "My brother-in-law would kiss her every morning before leaving for work."

Selina and husband Richard Chang have yet to register their marriage because the singer did not want to be photographed without any makeup on.

"I'm sure my brother-in-law and my sister will try to find the time to register soon," Kirsten added.

Source: Xin MSN

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