Ella Chen on Malaysian beau: "I trembled at his touch"

TAIPEI: Taiwan singer-actress Ella Chen revealed the details of how she met her Malaysian boyfriend Alvin Lai, during an appearance on a Taiwan talk show on Wednesday, reported Taiwan media.

Chen, who had previously been tight-lipped about her relationship with her beau, said that their relationship began with a single touch.

"The two of us have known each other for four years and have been dating for a year. We met by chance at a friend's gathering and sparks flew when he inadvertently touched my leg," said Chen.

"Three years ago we didn't think much of each other until a chance meeting at a friend's gathering.

"Everyone was sitting down watching a DVD. He touched my leg and praised me for having slender legs."

"I trembled at his touch and I invited him to visit a children's hospital the next day," the 30-year-old star added.

When asked if Lai ever gets jealous over intimate scenes she shares with her male co-stars in her various acting projects, Chen replied that her boyfriend has been very tolerant.

"He knows this is my work. Even though he can't bear it, but he still accepts it and can simply not watch it," said Chen.

Although Chen admitted that her relationship with Lai is developing nicely, she insisted that marriage is not yet on the cards.

"If there is good news, I'll tell everyone," Chen said.


Source: Channel News Asia

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