F.T. Island's New Mini Album: Grown-Up Track List

They are leaving their teen band image for good as they now call themselves as "Grown-Up"s. Going for a more dramatic and matured image, F.T. Island returns with a brand new mini album.

Their new album consists of 5 tracks which are ballads that I find very attractive since it is not their usual type of genre. I love how they explore new things and this album will showcase their versatility.

Plus, the album cover was just amazing. You can really see how they have transformed themselves from young cool band to a better artist with a serious take on music.

Yes, I know you want it so I making this shorter... here is the track list everyone! Enjoy!

Track List:

  1. 지독하게
  2. 친구마저 잃었다
  3. 난 못난 사람입니다
  4. 다 큰 남자가…
  5. 애인이 돼 주길 바래요
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