Vic Chou is envious of co-stars

The Vic Chou Yu Man and Mini Yang Mi starred film NEW PERFECT TWO yesterday promoted in Hang Hau. Leads Jai Jai and Yang Mi met with fans. Jai Jai revealed that he and co-star Ella Chen Chia-Hua have already exchanged numbers. If she would invite him he would attend her wedding.

They received support from several hundred fans as they played games with the audience and signed autographs. Yang Mi even performed the theme song. However Yang Mi appeared nervous from inexperience as she deliberately lip sync. Jai Jai who has not appeared in Hong Kong in a long time said that he has not been in Hong Kong for two years. Speaking of the promoting missing the soon to wed Ella, Jai Jai joked, "This way I can have more time to chat with Yang Mi! (Yang Mi already has someone!" We are friends!" Yang Mi earlier officially admitted her relationship with Harwick Lau Hoi Wai. However, she will spend this Valentine's Day at work. Jai Jai said, "Both female leads are so fortunate, I want to be too!" Jai Jai said that if he had the chance he would fight for happiness and joked that he wanted Yang Mi to introduce someone. Yang Mi said, "Why me?" Jai Jai complained, "My friend circle is small!"

Still single, Jai Jai said that he had some cold humor. "On the last day of the Taiwan shoot Yang Mi and I told a lot of jokes!" In the film they played a couple. Did Jai Jai feel he was a good husband. He said, "I can be a good husband! I also hope to build a perfect family! However finding a suitable girlfriend is the most important, only then can I plan to wed!" As for box office pressure, he said that during the film's Lunar New Year Taiwan release, his nephew was moved to touch. Thus he was confident. Would he attend Ella's wedding? Jai Jai responded, "Has it been announced? I don't dare to say anything. Last time after promoting in Taiwan we said we didn't know when we would see each other again so we exchanged numbers. If she called to invite me I will attend!" In addition when asked why she did not perform live, Yang Mi stated that she was too nervous. Did she ask her boyfriend Lau Hoi Wai to support her? Yang Mi sweetly said, "Not yet! But I will urge him to watch!"

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