B1A4's New Album: Ignition

Claiming the spot last year as one of the best rookies, B1A4 is back with a brand new album which is their first formal album entitled "Ignition".

Igniting their spark as they return from their successful invasion in Japan, the boys are ready for more.

Their new album is packed with 11 tracks including their hit plug "Baby I'm Sorry" and "Just The Two of Us", which is Baro's duet with Min of Miss A.

The album starts off with "Baby I'm Sorry", a modern upbeat song. Although the song is very catchy, too much auto-tunes were done that you cannot hear their real voices anymore. However, I like their second track "This Time Is Over" which is a slower one. I love how they incorporated rap in it, it was just so cool.

Another song I love is "Just The Two of Us" which has that RnB feel. Sandeul's solo was great too. Other than that, most of the songs sounds the same and takes the best of them. I just wish they have sang without using auto-tunes since I think they have great voices.

My Rating: 8.7/10

Track List:

  1. Baby I’m Sorry
  2. This Time Is Over
  3. So Fine
  4. Super Sonic
  5. 둘만 있으면 (Just The Two Of Us) (Baro Solo - Feat. Min Of Miss A
  6. 웃어봐 (Smile)
  7. Feeling
  8. 짝사랑 (Crush) (Sandeul Solo)
  9. You Are My Girl
  10. Wonderful Tonight (Unplugged Remix)
  11. Baby I’m Sorry (Inst)
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