Kamikazee's New Album: Romantico Track List

One of my favorite rock bands, Kamikazee, has finally released another album... yay!

Their newest album is entitled "Romantico" is a fusion of mellow pop and rock. Composed of 11 tracks, including two songs whose music video has been already released, I think this one is a perfect album.

I really love their song "Tamis" (Sweet) and "Halik" (Kiss) whose mv are somewhat related to each other.

They have definitely evolved from hard rock to a softer one which I am loving. Every single song in this album is very pleasant to hear.

What I like about their songs is that they have that rock feel that are not too loud. They are just moderate songs that are at the same time catchy. Plus, their image of a comic rock band is outrageously crazy! Looking forward for more mv's. :)

So anyways, here is the complete track list for their newest album.

Track List:

  1. Halik 
  2. TNT
  3. Tamis
  4. Tagpuan
  5. Sana
  6. Sobrang Lungkot
  7. Kislap
  8. Wo-Oh
  9. If You're Not Here
  10. Paano
  11. Huling Sayaw
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