Selina Jen meets up with celeb pals

The Taiwanese singer recently attended a gathering with Christine Fan, Blackie Chen, Lee Hom and Jason Tang

S.H.E member Selina Jen, who was badly scarred in an on-set accident two years ago, is well on the road of recovery.

Her condition has vastly improved and the singer can now stand for about half an hour, as compared to the situation at her wedding last year, where sshe could only stand for a few minutes. Selina's doctor also encouraged her to go out and participate in more social activities.

On Mar 6, singer Christine Fan and husband Blackie Chen organised a gathering at a Korean restaurant, and invited Selina and her husband Richard Chang for dinner. The group, which included singer Lee Hom and actor Jason Tang, shared their group photo on their microblogs.

In an interview, Blackie let on that Selina's condition has improved and her actions are more agile than before. He added that they shared stories from their high school days over dinner, because Selina's alma mater recently won the high school basketball championship.

The host then said that he also teased Richard at the dinner and gave him a hug as "lawyers are not used to having people hug them".

"I hugged Richard tightly, and his shoulders arched up unnaturally," Blackie said.

Selina also told them that she and fellow band mate Ella Chen are currently hooked onto gym class, and lost about 4kg from it.

Source: Xin MSN

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