New Group: RPM (Real Pinoy Music)

It's so tiring listening to new groups performing like they were some kind of Koreans. Not that I am a K-Pop hater or anything, it's just that I want to see a new group rise up using their own style.

But as I search for some news bites, I came across with this new group named "RPM" an abbreviation for "Real Pinoy Music". They are somewhat good, though they need a lot of improvement in performing. And all I can say is, they are not some kind of trying hard copycats!!

Anyway, enjoy this article!! There's more to see than to judge!!

RPM makes the album for all 


They were all put together in a room and they hit it off right away. No one can deny the camaraderie.  That’s how Carl, Chris, Pio, Vince, Anna, Sam and Yanna describe their connection since they became collectively known as RPM, Viva Records’ newest P-Pop group.
Formed in the early part of August 2010, they’ve gotten so close that each has already established a special character in the group:  Carl, the leader; Chris, the adviser; Pio, the life of the party; Vince, the pretty boy; Anna, the girl next door; Sam, the bubbly bunso; and Yanna, the spunky girl.

Though with different areas of expertise –some excel in singing, while others do better in dancing and rapping –the members consider this advantageous to their group as they complement each other.  For them, RPM is a great opportunity to let their individuality come out, and yet be able to learn from each other, so they can shine together. Eventually, the group will be trained and honed in all aspects of performing.

What Is “RPM”

Not dwelling on the term which we may have heard in Physics class (Revolutions per minute). RPM  means Real Pinoy Music , not meant to draw attention to the group by giving a statement that  OPM (Original Pilipino Music) songs are “not real Pinoy” but as a fitting description of the music in their album. Songs which connote positivity (mostly groovy and have “cool” beats), songs that have themes and lyrics that Pinoys would enjoy listening to or can relate to. RPM can very well serve as a newer term for OPM in general.

The Members In Focus

The Vocal Power

Carl Trazo can definitely sing.  Born on August 20, 1991, Carl started singing at age six.  When he was around eleven, he got a formal training at the Musar Music School in Baguio, where he played the Phantom in its production of “Phantom of the Opera.”  At thirteen, his family moved to Fiji Islands.  There, he joined hundreds of hopefuls in auditioning at the Fiji Talent Quest (sort of Fiji Idol).  In the end, Carl was named the Grand Winner. Aside from doing theater, he also plays the piano and violin. 

The Moves

When it comes to dancing, Chris Salcedo is the man! Born on Christmas Day in 1990, he has made use of his God-given talent by joining dance competitions (he was part of the UE Extreme Squad), teaching gymnastics to kids, and being a member of X10, one of ASAP’s backup dancers.  He has also trained with the Streetboys, but decided to forego the stint at Universal Studios Singapore in favor of his other passion: theater acting. Chris has played Ada in PETA’s teen edition of “Zsazsa Zaturnnah.”  He is no stranger to TV acting either. He was part of GMA’s drama series “Gumapang Ka Sa Lusak”.       

Mr. Funnybone

RPM boasts of its own master rapper in the person of Pio Balbuena, born on June 6, 1994.  It was in third grade that he started entertaining with his freestyle rap. Pio names the late rap icon Francis M. as his influence. And just like his idol, Pio can also act.  He was part of TV5’s teen drama series “BFGF” before he auditioned for Viva. He feels blessed to be given the chance to show his talent not just in rapping, but also in composing songs. Pio has written one verse each in the 12 songs included in RPM’s soon to be released album.

The Teen Appeal 

Seventeen year-old Vince Yap, born on January 15, 1993, has also got the moves to make you groove and adding this to his boyfriend material qualities will definitely generate a female following for RPM.  Modeling was his stepping stone in the entertainment business.  He joined a teen model search, “Circle of 10” in June 2010.  Vince’s manager brought him to Viva’s Boss Vic, whom he impressed with his dance audition.  Next thing he knew, he’s already chosen to be part of RPM.  Though he originally had his sight on acting, Vince expresses excitement and gratitude for being given a break in the music industry.

RPM will not be complete without the three charming girls, whom the boys consider as sisters.

The Girl Next Door

Anna Luna was born on September 12, 1993.  At an early age up to her present teen years, she already has a number of theater performances under her belt, such as the 2004 Aliw Award recipient , “Ambon, Ulan, Baha,” “Princess Sarah, Ang Munting Prinsesa” (where she played main antagonist Lavinia), CCP Tanghalang Pilipino’s “Quiapo, The Musical,” “The Hunchback of Notre Dame” (where she worked with seasoned singer Dulce).  Plus a movie debut in “Emir, ” the most talked about full-feature Filipino movie musical directed by Chito Roño. With her theatrical background, Anna admits that she had to adjust in the recording industry.  But she’s excited that she now has a chance to be known in mainstream music industry, together with her cool co-members.

Young and Bubbly

Samantha Page is the youngest in the group, born on March 6, 1996 in America.  Coming from a family who loves sports, she honed her singing talent by joining the school choir.  Her entry to the recording industry came as a surprise. While on vacation in the Philippines in 2009, she got discovered and was brought to Viva to audition.  After singing “The Climb” by Miley Cyrus, Sam immediately signed a contract with Viva.  Sam is also into modeling and is open to do some acting in the future.

Spunk and Spice

Among the girls, Yanna Garcia is fortunate to have gained professional dance training and experience.  She was a member of G-Force, one of ASAP’s backup dancers.  She started out as a ballerina at age four, and through the years learned other dance cultures, like Hawaiian, flamenco, tap, jazz, and more. As for her singing ability, Yanna got it from her mother who sang in different bands in the ‘80s.  Now that she’s part of the recording industry, Yanna keeps in mind her mom Lilibeth’s advice: to take criticisms constructively to improve her craft.  Yanna was born on October 31, 1992 and is a die-hard Beyonce fan. 

The Album For All

With their self-titled album out in the market, RPM is proud to say that it’s something everyone will enjoy.  The album has twelve OPM tracks, with varied themes but easy to relate to; there are songs for lovers and best friends, and there are those that talk about family relationships. It can even be tagged as “ultimate barkada music.” 

The carrier single of the album which is “Para Sa 'Yo.” A song which will definitely urge you to groove and bounce to its beat giving you a feel good mood. The album is under the P-Pop label of Viva Records and is produced by Marcus Davis with musical contributions by Vince Alaras (former lead vocalist of South Border).

RPM is one in their desire and effort to make it known that P-Pop can be unique and not just an imitation of foreign music. They dream for P-Pop to go international as well. As long as they keep their passion, faith, and friendship intact, there is nothing they cannot achieve together.  

Source: Viva.Com.Ph

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  1. you are so young...i don't believe it...npka bata nyo p pla akala ko nsa 20 plus n kau pero you guys,you are so young

  2. i'm proud to be a filipino...khit ang babta nyo p ang ggling nyo nang smayaw...may talent kau...but improve your talent and more practice...practice makes perfect...go PPOP...go RPM...I'LL SUPPORT YOU

  3. super belive akoh sa rpm
    sana kita kids ulit sa SM
    bacoor kac kami ung pinaka huling nag pa picture
    kulit ni ate sam ang tangkad nya pero 14 sya ang bata nya pah super belive ako kay ati sam...


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