Jay Chou says he is no buttock pincher

TAIPEI: Taiwan singer-actor Jay Chou, who usually responds to rumours through his friends' micro blogs or his music company, took the unusual step of holding a press conference on Monday to address rumours that he had groped the buttocks of his female assistant, reported Taiwan media.

Following media reports which claimed a Taiwan television pundit had insinuated that he had once seen Chou grope his assistant's buttocks, rumours have been rife that Chou had indeed committed the act.

Chou, who brought along his plump, plain-looking female assistant to clarify matters, expressed that these reports were baseless.

"Do you think it is possible?

"This buttock pinching thing is really ludicrous. There is no way I would pinch my assistant's buttocks," said Chou.

"After I looked at the reports, I had to clarify things. Holding a press conference over this buttock pinching issue makes me feel hapless, but I still have to clarify things.

"Because this morning (Monday morning) I woke up and my mother told me that the news reports say I had pinched my assistant's buttocks."

"I feel it is ludicrous, and even my mother had misunderstood," said the 33-year-old star.

He explained that he decided to hold the press conference anyway, as he did not want his mother or his fans to be misled by the rumours.

Chou also spoke about his recent altercation with the paparazzi during his brief press conference.

He maintained that he did not hit any of the paparazzi that night, before going on to reveal that the paparazzo, with whom he had exchanged angry words, was the same paparazzo he had an altercation with seven years ago.

"The main point is you can't keep following me for seven years," said Chou.

"Following me for seven years, isn't that exhausting?"

Unfortunately for Chou, his unusual decision to hold a press conference over the buttock groping rumours - just after being photographed in the company of rumoured girlfriend, Taiwan model Hannah Quinlivan, by the paparazzi on Thursday last week - have sparked fresh rumours that it is simply a ruse to draw media attention away from their relationship.


Source: Channel News Asia

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