A Rock Night with Pulp Summer Slam 2012: The Apostles

Pulp Summer Slam 2012: The Apostles

Last night was a blast. Featuring the best of the best in the hard rock metal scene, Pulp Productions Live brings you Pulp Summer Slam 2012: The Apostles held in Amoranto Stadium.

Special thanks to Pizza Hut, the world’s number one pizza chain, we got a VIP ticket that grants backstage pass and meet and greet with the artists.

Our VIP Pass

The day kicked off with the local artists performing in the afternoon. There was Chicosci and Franco who opened the event. Also it wouldn’t be complete without Kamikazee’s stellar performance of their classic songs “Martyr Nyebera” and “Doobidoo” which brought them to fame. Another song they sang was “Halik” from their latest album “Romantico”.

Next was the international bands starting off with We Came As Romans. I wasn’t able to catch their performance since I need to go outside due to time conflict but I heard that they rocked the entire arena. And browsing through the photos, it seemed that they really did.

The Darkest Hour performs
As the night goes by, the foreign artists took center stage as the main event takes place. First off was The Darkest Hour performing their famous tracks. It was a jam-packed performance that made the crowd goes wild. It was really amazing.

Next in line was Periphery. It was kind of frustrating actually because there was a lot of technical glitches as well as dead air that leaves the audience waiting for around thirty minutes or less. However, it was understandable that it was not easy setting up the stage for different performers. Nevertheless, as the artists conquers the stage, all the wait was worth it. Bringing the house down with their famous songs, Periphery was yet another band to keep looking out for. One more thing, their guitarist Mark Holcomb was a Filipino which adds spice to the group.

Periphery takes the stage
Meet and Greet with Periphery

As the night slip away, the crowd waited impatiently for the next performer. Luckily, it was Blessthefall who gave the concert’s biggest twist. Performing mind-blowing songs, they managed to capture the crowd’s heart setting them to their riotous mode. What sets them apart from the other performers was that they broke the barrier from performing to rock performing. Lead singer, Beau Bokan even climbed the stage’s foundation and jumped to the crowd which was going crazy. It was really a sight to watch. Funny thing was, the bouncers trying to catch him wasn’t able to prevent his unexpected actions. From fans going up the stage, to crying ladies trying to catch a glimpse of them, it was something memorable that only they can make. And to add more, they featured their new guitarist who really looked good that the girls started screaming.  Beau even asked them to stand on the stage and try to kiss him which made the audience go more extreme. There was this blonde fan girl that tried to get on the stage but the bouncers has stopped her. But in the end, she was able to kiss him on stage. Also, I had a very hard time taking photos of them as they keep on running and running throughout the stage but just watching them perform was way too awesome.

After a sweat-packed performance, August Burns Red took the spotlight giving off a staggering performance one after the another. They were just so awesome. Sweat was everywhere and everyone was jumping on their feet. Twirling the microphone, Jake Luhrs had everyone scream at the top of their voice as they sing with him. It was something breathtaking. Their performance was really overwhelming that I didn’t saw it coming.

August Burns Red
Finally, the star and highlight of the night hits the stage. Entering with a fireworks display plus fire torches burning on the stage, it was an eye-catching act that sets the crowd go wild once more. Although the fireworks was a disaster since most of them bounced back to the crowd, that didn’t stopped Arch Enemy from giving a splendid performance they can only give. With Angela’s fearless voice, it was exhilarating. Also, I loved the videos being played on the screen as their back drop which makes it more interesting. From songs about the government to religion, they are something worth hearing that I can’t help but sing with them. I really loved their performance of “No Gods No Master” which was very good. To add more to the excitement, Angela finally waves their black flag throughout the stage that made every go wow. Every performance was amazing. A delight. As they ended their performance, fans kept on screaming for more but the show must end.

Meet and Greet with Arch Enemy
Throughout the entire event, there was some games held so as not to keep the audience impatient as they wait for their favorite artists to perform. There was pizza eating contest, beer drinking contest and a whole lot of more.

After a break, the remaining local bands performed. It included Urbandub, SIN, and Intolerant.
There was booths everywhere from the sponsors, from Cobra Energy Drink, to Pizza Hut, Tribal Wear, Smart Communications, Pepsi, down to Colt 45, giving freebies to all fans. Plus, everyone gets to grab a copy of Pulp Magazine. And I must commend, for the price of Php 400, it was really worth it.

Thank you Pulp for bringing yet another amazing concert and also to Pizza Hut. Till next year! :)

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