Rocksteddy Releases MV for "Matututuhan Mo Rin"

Rocksteddy makes a big comeback this June with the release of their music video for the newest single "Matututuhan Mo Rin" (You Will Learn Too).

I am a huge fan of them since their songs are really easy to grasp and understand and it tells the story of ordinary people who falls in love.

This song is not an exception to that. Again, I was wowed by them. It has that romantic side yet maintains a pop rock genre while still having that emotional and vulnerable part.

In addition to that, the bands front man Teddy Corpuz directed the whole mv so it made it more special. Starring Jason Abalos and Maan Marquez, it was really nice to watch. It was like a short film. Though I wish they could have used tripod instead to lessen the moving part and also the blur effect was kind of distractive.

Nevertheless, it was still an amazing song.

My Rating: 9.7/10

- Justin -

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  2. No problem.. thank you for liking this! :)

  3. there is no official album yet.. this is just a single released.. :D


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