New Boy Group "決勝團" (Fighter) Accused of Plagiarism

Netease Entertainment's new boy group 決勝團 (Fighter) is causing a stir over their plagiarism issue with Korean boy group B1A4.

What caused the viral topic? Their looks, style and music that is exactly the same as B1A4's.

 The group is composed of members. Daisuke, Guard, Miles and Honey. Although the group has not yet debuted, speculations are rising that they might be a copycat or the Chinese version of the Korean boy group. No official statement has been released regarding this issue.

As of the moment, the group is currently training in Taiwan and is set to debut later this year.

Stay tuned to Taiwan-Pop for the latest information about this new boy group! :D


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  1. You can check this for more info about their same style

  2. too bad. the Fighter members are really good looking but i'm a B1A4 fan.. it really annoys me that they have to plagiarize.. but i do hope they find their own music and style. :)

  3. Oh my goodness :/ Hopefully they won't be any more similar...I hate when this happens, because then idiots are always like "OMG, Chinese music is always rip-offs, blah blah blah" =_=


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