Daniel Padilla Releases "Prinsesa" MV

I know.. it's been a week since it was released (I actually got to see it the first hour it was uploaded) but due to time constraints, I wasn't able to post it so my apologies for that.

Anyways, Daniel Padilla whose self-titled album has surprised us with its success finally releases his first music video for "Prinsesa" (Princess).

I am a fan of the song which was originally sung by 6Cyclemind. His version was good but there was nothing new to it, I was looking for something he has to offer although it was more of pop than the original which is more of rock.

The music video too was very frustrating. My expectations were really high. The shots were good and location was amazing but how I wish I see a story like there was a girl running and he was chasing her. I think it would be unfair if I compare this to the original but I like the original more especially the music video. Sorry. But it's not that bad, I just hope his next mv would improve.

My Rating: 8.2/10

- Justin -

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  1. Prinsesa was originally by Teeth. The 6Cyclemind version is a cover.


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