Samsung Makes BIG BANG ALIVE

Guess who's coming to town this October?? It's none other than the boys of Big Bang. Prepare for their Asian invasion as they come to the Philippines for a one-night concert here in Manila! And for the good news, they are bringing the Galaxy with them.

So before they hit the country, here's a line up of what colors I think the boys represent from their newest endorsement for the Samsung Galaxy SIII Series:

G. Dragon - Amber Brown

Known for his passion for art, G. Dragon represents the Samsung Galaxy SIII Amber Brown that shows how stylish a smartphone could be. Not only he is smart and witty, he is also a fighter and known as the only member of the group that is not afraid of the president of YG Entertainment, Yang Hyun Suk. Plus, his sense for fashion makes this color a perfect match for his colorful style.

T.O.P. - Garnet Red

T.O.P. is the guy who loves pink!! Did you know that pink is his favorite color? It is even the color of his own room. An artist who is a fan of theatrical performances and fashion, Samsung Galaxy SIII Garnet Red really suits him for his passion for different types of art. Although his sense of style speaks out so loud for his use of vibrant colors mixed with dark tones, T.O.P. remains to be a shy person which makes this version of the smartphone a nice match for his passion while still maintaining his classy personality.

Seung Ri - Pebble Blue

The shyest among the group, Seung Ri's introvert personality speaks out for the  Samsung Galaxy SIII Pebble Blue. Although he keeps a lot of things to himself, in the stage, his presence stands out proving that he is a monster as he performs. Perfect for this phone, Seung Ri's young age and versatility really defines this color!

Dae Sung - Marble White

Representing the color of purity and hope, Dae Sung is indeed the light of the group. With his smile that radiates throughout, Samsung Galaxy SIII Marble White is definitely for him! He is a simple guy with a huge heart for making everyone smile. His brightness and optimism really lightens up the mood of everyone he sees, even his fans. Just a smile from him, and I am sure that you will have a bright day. Sadness... he doesn't have it!

Tae Yang - Titanium Grey

Samsung Galaxy SIII Titanium Grey defines Tae Yang. A very outspoken person, he likes dealing with problems rather than ran away from it. He hates fights and prefers to talk to the persons involved. His classy gestures proves that handsomeness doesn't always come in the face, it's in the personality and attitude. Stylish while still remaining formal and elegant is Tae Yang

So there you have, that's the color that the members of Big Bang  are representing. Brought to us by Samsung Galaxy SIII Series, be sure to check them out as they perform live in the SM Mall of Asia Arena this coming October 24, 2012. 

They are the living proof that style comes with performance.

- Justin -

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