Ebe Dancel Launches New Single "Maligalig" + MV

Ebe Dancel performing live.
From his successful debut solo album entitled "Dalawang Mukha ng Pag-ibig" (Two Faces of Love), Former Sugarfree front man Ebe Dancel releases his newest and 4th single in the album "Maligalig".

Last night, I had a chance to be part of the press conference for its launch together with the unveiling of its music video which features the famous pole dancers Polecats.

“Maligalig” was the first song Ebe wrote for the album. “I think about the day that just passed, and what may and may not happen tomorrow.” Ebe recalls, “Tossing and turning in bed is one of the most painful things one goes through. Problems seem to magnify; Fears seem to be more real at this time. And because you?re tired, kung ano ano naiisip mo minsan.” His emotions and thoughts inspired him to write his 4th single, “Maligalig”, which is currently conquering the airwaves and hit charts because of its familiar tune and refreshing music video.

Also, we got a chance to do an interview with him and I have several questions including his future and dream collaborations. But what caught me was his answer to my question "Is Ebe Dancel afraid when the time comes that he is not being patronized anymore?". He simply said that he is not afraid but what he fears the most is when the he doesn't love his work anymore.
Ebe Dancel doing an interview with the press.
 Aside from the the success of his album, he was also hailed as the National Peace Ambassador by MalacaƱang alongside other musicians, TV personalities and celebrities to promote peach and a pregressive nation. The awarding ceremony took place at the Palace, and the “I am for Peace” campaign formal launch was led by President Benigno S. Aquino III. As peace ambassador, Ebe will join outreach activities which include a child feeding program, donation and giving away of footballs for the kids, as well as songs and games. He also recently composed and recorded a song titled “Iisa” which is about individuals searching for peace in their own lives. "I dedicate this song to all Filipinos including those who have their own personal conflicts to overcome. I think we should all give peace a chance by forgiving each other's shortcomings and respecting each other's opinions," Ebe said. "It's my take on the situation. And I really pray that no more lives are taken, no more homes are destroyed, no more dreams crushed by armed conflict," he added.

Lastly, I was privileged to have a copy of his debut solo album which he personally signed last night.

Anyways, I will post my album review later or early next week. As for now, check out his music video for "Maligalig" as well some photos of last night's launch event.

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