SMTOWN in Singapore: By the numbers

SINGAPORE: The Singapore stop of the SMTOWN Live Tour III has been described as one of the biggest K-pop concerts ever held here.

Just how big is it?

Over 40 Korean pop stars from top K-pop acts like SNSD, SHINee and Super Junior will be performing at this concert.

But it is the huge size of the entourage that truly gives you an idea of its scale.

A total of 150 stylists, dancers and make-up artistes will be supporting the stars, along with 40 artiste managers.

To accommodate the entire group of SMTOWN Live Tour III performers and support staff, the concert's organiser Running Into The Sun has booked a total of 286 room nights at the five-star Ritz Carlton hotel, where a basic room costs about S$510 per night.


When Friday comes around, the stars will travel to the concert venue, which is under the protection of a whopping 250 security personnel, who have been tasked to keep order at the event. There will also be 500 ushers on hand to help manage the 23,000-strong crowd expected to turn up for the concert.

At 6.30pm, the performers will then take to the stage, the result of 96 hours of painstaking setup by over 100 crew members, and dazzle the audience.

The logistical challenges extend backstage as well.

The organisers have to prepare 500 towels for the stars to wipe their sweat after their performances, along with 1,776 bottles of mineral water to help them rehydrate, as well as 1,616 cans of energy drinks, juices and soft drinks, all chilled in 21 big coolers, for their consumption.

If anyone gets hungry, they can just eat some of the 192 cup noodles prepared by the organisers.

The stars can also check their makeup in one of the 41 mirrors set up back stage, including nine special full-length mirrors with light bulbs specially requested by girl group SNSD, before going on stage.

By the time the concert is over, the stars would have gone through 40 clothes racks full of outfits.

And it will be time once more, for the K-pop idols of SMTOWN Live Tour III to move on to their next destination.


Source: Channel News Asia

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