Global Chinese Music Awards 2012 Winners List unveiled

Check out who bagged the coveted prizes at the glitzy awards show last night.

Reported by: Lim Wen Ying, Joanna Goh, Lee Wei Lin, May Lim
Photos: Calvin Wong, Angie Ng

Check out the full winners list below!

Most Popular Male Artiste Award 
Show Luo

Top 5 Most Popular Male Artistes Award 
Eason Chan
JJ Lin
Show Luo
Hu Xia
Aska Yang

Most Popular Female Artiste Award 
Joey Yung

Top 5 Most Popular Female Artistes Award 
Joey Yung
Li Yu Chun
Jane Zhang
Rainie Yang
Hebe Tian

Most Popular Band Award 

Most Popular Group Award 
Da Mouth
Super Junior-M

Most Popular Composing Artiste Award 
Tanya Chua
Shane Cao
Penny Tai

Most Popular Duet Award 
'You Are Written n My Song' - Sodagreen and Ella Chen

Most Potential New Artiste Award 
Wanting Qu
Shane Cao
Kimberly Chen

Top 20 Hits of the Year 
'Valentine's Day' - A-do
'Till The World Ends' - Olivia
'Never Learn' - JJ Lin
'Bie Zhao Wo Ma Fan' - Tanya Chua
'How Do We Love' - Wu Jiahui
'Flower Trees' - Joey Yung
'Gu Du Huan Zhe' - Eason Chan
'3650' - TWINS
'That Man' - Aska Yang
'We Are All Fools' - Rainie Yang
'My Love' - Hebe Tian
'Noah's Ark' - Mayday
'Count On Me' - Show Luo
'Maybe De Ji Lv' - Da Mouth
'Wo De Ge Sheng Li' - Wanting Qu
'Those Years' - Hu Xia
'Hao Bu Rong Yi' - Jane Zhang
'Zhi Shi Tai Ai Ni' - Hins Cheung
'Hao Nan De' - Ding Dang
'Hao Peng You Zhi Shi Peng You' - Yu Kewei

Outstanding Regional Artiste Award (Beijing) 
Wanting Qu

Outstanding Regional Artiste Award (Guangdong) 
Dong Shan Shao Ye

Outstanding Regional Artiste Award (Hong Kong) 
Fiona Sit

Outstanding Regional Artiste Award (Shanghai) 
Anson Hu

Outstanding Regional Artiste Award (Taiwan) 
Aska Yang

Outstanding Regional Artiste Award (Singapore) 

Outstanding Regional Artiste Award (Malaysia) 
Wu Jia Hui

Best Male Artiste Award 
Eason Chan

Best Female Artiste Award 
Tanya Chua

Media Recommendation Award 

Most Talented Artiste Award 
Rainie Yang
JJ Lin

Best Stage Performing Artiste Award 
Show Luo
Joey Yung

Charismatic Voice Award 
Ding Dang

Best Album Producer Award 
Mayday - Second Round

Best Album Award 
Eason Chan - ?
JJ Lin - Never Learn

Best Lyrics Award 
Giddens Ko - 'Those Years'

Best Music Composition Award 
Tanya Chua - 'Shuo Dao Ai'

Best Music Arrangement Award 
Michael Lin - 'Shadow Puppetry'

Outstanding Achievement Award 
Kit Chan

Congratulations to all the winners!

Source: Xin MSN

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