Selina Jen’s triple birthday celebration

Selina Jen’s triple birthday celebration

It's a three-in-one birthday celebration for S.H.E singer Selina Jen this year. The Taiwanese starlet celebrated her 31st birthday, her one year wedding anniversary to lawyer-husband Richard Zhang and also his 40th birthday, which happens to be a day later, with close friends and loved ones.

To celebrate their big day, the couple invited Selina's parents and 'wives' Hebe Tien and Ella Chen for a night of karaoke and fun.

Selina's parents arrived first at 6pm in the evening; her father with a cake in hand. Revealing that the cake was a gift from a friend, Selina's dad said he had brought nothing else but his best birthday wishes for his daughter.

Following close behind was Richard, who showed up alone with a paper bag, though barely smiling. When asked what he had brought for his wife, Richard began to dodge the cameras and reporters, preferring instead to keep the bag's contents a secret.

The last to arrive was the birthday girl herself, accompanied by her S.H.E comrades Hebe and Ella. And what are Selina's birthday wishes? She said with a laugh, 'Firstly, I wish for our new album to sell well and for our promotions to run smoothly. Next, I pray for everyone's safety and health. I'll keep the third and last wish in my heart.'

Although Selina did not know what her hubby had prepared, she did reveal what Hebe and Ella had given her - a pretty charm bracelet.

According to Taiwan media reports, Richard surprised his wife with a pair of earrings she wanted. Selina dropped some hints to Richard just before her birthday, insiders revealed, as the practical man once gave her a satellite navigation device as a birthday gift because she lost her way while driving before.

Source: Xin MSN

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