Gracenote's Debut Album Launch: First Movement

Invading the local music scene and crossing through the mainstream, band Gracenote continues to pave their way to success as they officially launch their debut album entitled "First Movement".

 From a small band performing on the grounds of their school, Gracenote embraced the industry as they joined the the annual inter-collegiate band competition NescafĂ© Soundskool and made it into the finals in 2008. It was there that they first received widespread attention, having been mentored by hardworking pop-rockers 6cyclemind, and impressing their manager enough to put them under his wing.

Last night, I was able to be part of their launch and got to know more about the group. When asked about the history of the name, Gracenote is actually a note that adds as a decorative part to a musical piece. Also, Gracenote is originally a 6-member band but two of their members went to go for other opportunities outside the country. As for their album title, "First Movement" is a part of a classical piece that includes the theme and message of the entire piece. It also suggests the influence of classical music to their style by fusing in modern sound to the evokative tunes of the piano and violin.

The EP opens quite aptly with “Knock Knock,” with Eunice imploring the listener to let her in, and with her vocal charm and the band’s rocking precision, you couldn’t possibly refuse. Gracenote slows it down a notch with the stripped down “Pwede Ako,”but it nonetheless succeeds in keeping the EP’s momentum going. Current single “Amnesia” follows suit, and this is where the band members truly showcase their individual and collective skills, with superb guitar work, soft-loud dynamics, and even violin lines courtesy of Eunice. The solemn, sonically gorgeous “Faraway” assumes the role of the big rock ballad in this collection, and could very well be a highlight of the band’s live sets.

I would definitely recommend "Faraway" with its sense of longingness and dramatic approach plus the violin part which makes it more extraordinary.

Another song to love is "Pwede Ako" (I Am Available) whose music video teaser was also launched that night. It's catchiness and simplicity makes it extra special especially to those who are tearjerks and loves mellow pop tracks.

Also, "Amnesia" never fails to impress me. It was the song I first loved about the group. The dramatic intro of the violin then the sudden switching of the melody and tempo, it was amazing. I loved how they played with the song, the dynamics, everything.

When I heard the songs from their album, I didn't wondered why they bagged Meg’s Top Choice Awards 2012 - Top Newcomer (Music) of the year.

I really can't wait to see more of this group. Their sound is unique, classical with a vibe of modern pop rock. It is like listening to Paramore playing with Beethoven. But seriously, I think they should really focus on the violin since it is something that sets them apart from other group. I wish they would do a song that has a separate part of the violin like those of "The Corrs". Nevertheless, this album is definitely a great buy!

My Rating: 9.6/10

Track List:

  1. Knock Knock
  2. Pwede Ako (I Am Available)
  3. Amnesia
  4. Faraway
  5. Minsan Lang Naman (Just For Some Time)
  6. Play It Again
  7. Stop Stop!
  8. Amnesia (Acoustic)

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