Jay Chou's New Album: Opus 12

What's better than celebrating the yuletide season with Jay Chou's new album entitled "Opus 12".

The album's special number is 12 as it marks Jay Chou's 12th album, has 12 tracks and it's pre-order started in December 12, 2012 or simply, 12/12/12. It is slated to be released on December 28 and comes with a DVD containing 3 music videos, 12 collectible cards and an antique chopstick set.

Also, the album surprises everyone as Jay Chou comes out with a blonde hair and his 6-pack abs.

Track List:

  1. 紅塵客棧 (Hong Chen Ke Zhan) [Red Dust Inn]
  2. 明明就 (Ming Ming Jiu) [Obviously]
  3. 手語 (Shou Yu) [Sign Language]
  4. 比較大的大提琴 (Bi Jiao Da De Da Ti Qin) [Relatively Larger Cello]
  5. 大笨鐘" (Da Ben Zhong) [Big Ben]
  6. 點穴神功 (Dian Xue Shen Gong)
  7. 森 (Sen)
  8. 仙人球 (Xian Ren Qiu)
  9. --
  10. --
  11. --
  12. --
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