Selina Jen Releases Teaser for "S.H.E. Together Forever 2013 Concert Tour"

The girls of S.H.E. are back to stage one more time as they gear up for their "Together Forever 2013 Concert Tour".

And in celebration of another concert tour, the girl group released a set of teasers. First off is Selina Jen.

一起走過風雨 誰說世界上沒有永遠的友誼—Selina 
 Walk through the storm, who says that there is no eternal friendship — Selina

The other videos are expected to be released in the next few days.

Happening this June 22 and 23 at the Taipei Arena, the concert is slated to bring back the memories of S.H.E.'s journey throughout the years.

Ticket goes on sale on March 30.

時間:2013/06/22,2013/06/23 19:30
售票日期:2013/3/30 中午12點

TOGETHER FOREVER S.H.E 2013 new concert tour
Time: 2013/06/22, 2013/06/23 19:30
Venue: Taipei Arena (Nanking East Road, Section 2)
Ticketing Date: 2013/3/30 12:00
CETV ticketing system
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Check out Selina's teaser!

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