S.H.E.'s Together Forever World Tour 2013 Updates

Hitting the stage this year, S.H.E. is preparing for their biggest and grandest concert ever, the S.H.E. "Together Forever World Tour 2013"!!

A lot has been asking for details and since we all love these 3 lovely ladies, here's the latest updates!

Time: 2013/06/22, 2013/06/23 19:30
Venue: Taipei Arena (Nanking East Road, Section 2)
Ticketing Date: 2013/3/30 12:00
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Tentative Schedule Updates:
  • June 22-23  Taiwan (Taipei Arena)
  • End of June Macau
  • July 6/13 Shanghai
  • July 20 Malaysia
  • August 10 Guangzhou
  • September 7 Chongqing
  • October Hong Kong

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