Kimberley Chen's New Album: Kimbonomics 金式代

After her debut two years ago, Kimberley Chen instantly rose to fame with having more than 1,000,000+ followers on Facebook and various social networking sites. Her online presence made her one of the most promising singers of the new generation.

I am a fan of hers because she has this sweet, innocent look yet has a very strong, powerful voice. And now, she is back with her second album "Kimbonomics 金式代".

The album is packed with 10 tracks, ranging from slow mellow ballad to pop.

Favorite tracks would include "Good Girl", with its catchy pop tune and "分手說愛你" (Break Up Club) for its powerful display of her voice. Also, a must hear song would have to be "I Loved U Before It Was Cool" which is a full English R&B song that has that good feel.

Overall, this album is so good! It showed a different side of Kimberley as it contained more pop songs versus her debut album.

Track list:

01. 分手說愛你
02. 世界毀滅
03. 你在身邊
04. Good Girl趕快愛
05. Over The Moon
06. 寂寞咆哮
07. 有愛直說
08. Run
09. I Loved U Before It Was Cool
10. 我會再想你

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