The Failure of the MRT Bidding

It’s another year and MRT Line 3 is facing numerous issues over and over again. With propaganda strikes over the fare increase that happened as 2015 arrived, MRT Line 3 continues to rattle everyone’s mind but this time it’s about the bidding of the maintenance and operation of the train station.

If we will look back last year, the bidding failed big time. We can even remember when Sumimoto Corporation offered to provide the maintenance and operation services of the train. But it is still a big puzzle as to why Department of Transport and Communications Secretary Jun Abaya did not accept Sumimoto Corporation’s offer.

Looking back at last year’s events, the bidding ended in an enormous failure as companies failed to submit their offers. And now, as 2015 starts, Metro Rail Transit (MRT) has opened its doors again for bidding. But just like last year and the years before, it was yet another failure. But this time, there was no bidder. So what exactly is happening?

If I would be asked about my opinion regarding this issue, I can definitely say that DOTC is up to something. It’s either they want to delay the process or really prevent the private sector for getting the contract. Another issue we can relate this into is the time when Secretary Jun Abaya and his family and friends were involved in the mystery of the maintenance and operations of the MRT. It was found out that they were given the contract when clearly they were just a new company (which is most likely created for the sake of project). In the end, the MRT went on a disaster with numerous accidents happening within the last 2 years alone.

So the question is this: Why is the bidding such a failure? Are we seeing another case of mystery involving Abaya here? Or is it another issue connected to the buyout?

Questions arise as the MRT continues to face its horrors created by Secretary Jun Abaya. But one thing is clear in my opinion. Metro Rail Transit’s failure is because of the failure of Jun Abaya as a Secretary of the DOTC. Without Abaya in the picture, perhaps there is a better future for the Metro Rail Transit.

What do you think?


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