S.H.E.'s new album to be released tomorrow.

S.H.E.'s newest album entitled "SHERO" will be released tomorrow, March 26, 2010. This album contains songs that changed S.H.E.'s singing style. From sweet and classic, they turned into rock chicks with their single "SHERO" in which the album was named. Their music video for it was so great that no words could ever describe it. Personally, I love the part where their flower dresses began to bloom. It was just magical.

Yet, their irresistable charms didn't fade away with their new love song "Liang Geren de Huang Dao" (Two Lover's Island). We are sure to be captivated with this song that features Judy Zhou which we first heard on their song "Bi Ni Jian" on their album F.M. S.H.E.. The long wait is over! Their new album will be released finally! Just can't wait to get them.

Track Listing: (Thanks to Wikipedia!)
  1. SHERO
  2. 如果你是女孩 (Ru Guo Ni Shi Nu Hai) [If You're A Girl]
  3. 我爱雨夜花 (Wo Ai Yu Ye Hua) [I Love Rainy Night Flowers]
  4. 两个人的荒岛 (Liang Ge Ren De Huang Dao) [Two Persons' Desert Island] (featuring Judy Chou)
  5. 少了一个人 (Shao Le Yi Ge Ren) [One Less Person]
  6. 收留我 (Shou Liu Wo) [Take Me In]
  7. 超可能 (Chao Ke Neng) [Super Maybe]
  8. 只为爱上你 (Zhi Wei Ai Shang Ni) [Just To Love You] *
  9. 你不会 (Ni Bu Hui) [You Won't]
  10. 爱就对了 (Ai Jiu Dui Le) [Love's Right]

* it's the theme song from Down With Love, a drama starring Jerry Yan and Ella Chen.

Their talents just grows and grows. Hope for their album's success!

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