SHERO chosen as theme song for 2010 Taipei Flower Expo

Taipei Flower Expo LogoTaipei City Government held a press conference on March 8 to announce that the Taiwanese pop group S.H.E. has been named spokespersons for the 2010 Taipei International Flora Exposition. In addition, the band’s latest single SHERO has also been selected as the theme song for the ensuing promotion campaign.

The press event was held at the flora expo’s Butterfly Pavilion. Located within the Fine Arts Park Area, the venue is one of the first exhibition halls to be completed.

Speaking before the media, Hau indicated that the flora expo – considered as the Olympics in the horticulture industry – is the most important event for city hall this year.

In addition to highlighting the city’s achievements in the areas of horticulture, technology, and conservation, the expo will serve as a showcase of the city’s strength in the cultural and creative industries. Holding the event will bring Taipei a step closer to the position of culture and creativity capital.

Hau described S.H.E. as being the best candidate for the position because of their attractive appearance, creativity, and teamwork. The song SHERO emphasizes the beauty and strength of women. He believes that both the singers and their song will play a key role in promoting the flora expo.

The composer of SHERO is Ashin – the vocalist of the Taiwanese band Mayday. Ashin wrote the song specifically for S.H.E and the flora expo. The lyrics of the song encourage women to be confident in showing their charm.

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