BY2 Dominated S.H.E. in Charts! Jane Zhang Follows!

I just checked out G-Music Charts and I was astounded by the result. The band we used to love, S.H.E. turned a step down giving the throne to BY2 which is also a girl group. They have released their new album "Grown Up"   (click here for more info about the album) as a celebration to their 18th birthday last March 23 and after a few weeks, they added 3 Music Videos for the album and still counting.

After 3 weeks that S.H.E. reigned the top, BY2 finally ended S.H.E.'s streak for its first time on the charts. Yes, you heard it right. It was BY2's first week on the charts and yet, it already claimed victory. The duo must be very happy right now.

Although this is a bad news for S.H.E. fans, I must say that they are both great. But wait... another singer tries to catch and go ahead of the two. And that is none other than Jane Zhang. Jane Zhang released her album entitled "Believe in Jane" with her carrier single "I Believe" last February 2, 2010 (click here for more info about the album). Just like BY2, it is her first week on the charts and I thing she will go a long way.

I know that we are all excited about the upcoming competition regarding the charts but I believe that these three artists (or perhaps 6 all in all) have different genres and they truly can sing. Keep on supporting them!

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