A gift to all!

Now that my dream to have a blog that have many visitors is finally coming true.. I want to give a "Thank You" gift to all. And this gift is a new page I would like to call.. (drum rolls)

Star of the Week

Why did I called it like that..?? Because this new page offers informations about your favorite star.

What is this?

It is the newest page of TaiwanPop that features certain information about your favorite singers/ bands such as their career history and many more.

How do we put our favorite stars in there?

To start this page, I would put some of my favorites and then if you want to see your star in this page, you might as well comment and recommen to others what this star has to offer.

When will it be published?

It is actually a work in progress, but you may expect to see this new page next week or this week. I hope you could support this new page.

- Justin -

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