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On April 25, we will be celebrating our first ever monthsary! (If you look at the archives, you will see January and February.. why? They are my storage for lyrics.. ) Anyway, as we go on and celebrate... I am happy that within a short span of time we have almost reached a THOUSAND page views. I know that it is still a few numbers but I am happy that you keep on supporting Taiwan Pop...

As a gift to all my dear readers, I want to ask you something: What else do you want to see here? Just comment anything you want to have in this site because this is also yours. I am just sixteen and I really don't know what else do we need so I really need your help.

Also please help me spread the word of Taiwan Pop by putting us up on your blog rolls / links. And we will share your blog too in return!

Again, Thank you for choosing Taiwan Pop as your choice of online source for Taiwanese music.

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An architecture student. A fashion and design blogger. Total sucker for S.H.E.! Wishes to be married to Ella Chen someday (sorry Richard!) I created this blog just to share everything I love about C-Pop. Who would have thought this would become like this? Thank you for reading! Keep the love for Asian music alive! :)
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  1. Wow! I really love this site... thank you for creating this one..


Thanks for commenting! Spread the love for Asian Music!

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