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Just released a few hours ago, Claire Kuo's new album "Your Friend". This is her 4th album. I must admit that I really don't know anything about her except her name. I have not listened to any of her songs yet. But as I watched her music video for "Dowry", I searched for her on the net. It really caught my attention though I really don't know why.

Actually, she's not that great like S.H.E. or Jane Zhang, but she do have a voice. It's just my opinion.

The album itself is good but not that great. I personally love Encore La La though it kind of reminds me of "Wild Fantasy" by Rainie Yang with its unusual beat and sound. I love it but at some point it is kind of irritating.

Anyway, here is the track list for her album "Your Friend"
01. Encore LaLa
02. 嫁妝 (Dowry)
03. 聊天 (ChitChat)
04. 每一天都不同  (Every Day is Different)
05. 總算我們也愛過 (Finally We Have Loved)
06. 有溫柔 (Gentle)
07. 最後一支舞 (Last Dance)
08. 今天起 (Today)
09. 離開你的愛  (Leave Your Love)
10. 悸動 (Throb)

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