WOW Album to be Released on Monday

Formed at the end of 2009, Taiwanese idol duo AK consists of popular singer/actor Andy Chen and teen idol Kris Shen (from the boy group "Genki G-Boy"). With their outstandingly good looks and dancing/music talents, the duo has already caught the eyes of many pop fans in Asia through their commercial engagements in Korea and Thailand, as well as success in a talent search competition in Mainland China. The boys' appearance as the opening act at the Asia Pop Festival in Niigata, Japan in February 2010 also cemented their rising star status. AK's anticipated debut album, WOW, has been in the works for a whole year, and the result is a collection of 10 single-worthy songs. From the titular first plug WOW to the ballad HELP and the folk-styled "Bicycle", the album features a mixture of band sound, hip-hop, electronic, and R&B to please different music lovers.

The Limited Edition features a changeable 3D cover design and comes with a 32-page photo booklet lensed in Tokyo by famous photographer Leslie Kee.

Track List:
01. WOW
02. 一秒鐘
03. 長頭髮
04. 準備好了沒
05. 腳踏車
06. HELP
07. 愛我嗎
08. 宅急變
09. 戀愛王國
10. 好想再對你說

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