Parokya Ni Edgar's New Album: Middle-Aged Juvenile Novelty Pop Rockers

A super long title yet one word to describe: amazing!

Featuring the songs "Pakiusap Lang (Lasingin N'yo Ako)" [Please (Make Me Get Drunk)] and "One Hit Combo" together with Gloc 9, this new album si sure to mke you go crazy with rock and pop

I love their song "One Hit Combo" which is very great. It reminds me of the late Francis M. with its fast beat and rapping. Though it is pure rapping, it is much exciting to hear.

Imitating the Ninja Turtles in their album cover, Parokya Ni Edgar's new album is worth buying for.


1. Original Song
2. Ganito O!
3. Reunion (Panahon ng Kasiyahan)
4. Orange
5. Pangarap Lang Kita (Featuring Happee Sy)
6. OK Katol
7. Paki-usap Lang (Lasingin N'yo Ako)
8. Francis Vincent Montaner
9. Red Pants
11. Walong Baso
12. One Hit Combo (Featuring Gloc 9)
13. Tuloy Po Kayo
14. Lolo Bye
15. OK Lang Ako
16. Pangarap Lang Kita (Featuring Francis Vincent Montaner)

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