Kenji Wu's New Album: Love Me, Hate Me

He is definitely back!!

Kenji Wu comes back with his new album: "愛我 恨我" (Ai Wo Hen Wo) [Love Me, Hate Me].

Featuring the songs, "Love Me, Hate Me" as his carrier single and "Woohoo", Kenji bares it all. Ready to show off some skin, the album cover was way too hot to handle.

Defined as one of the great artist of the generation, Kenji Wu unleashes all his potential to create such album. The track listing was very good and it was carefully planned. I really love it!!

His song that bears the title of his new album was marvelous. It has that pop and rock tempo with a modern beat. I recommend it to you!!

Plus, his comeback music video for his carrier single was way too great. It has a very nice outcome and I was amazed by its special effects. Two thumbs up for him!!

Anyway, I will be posting the lyrics for "Love Me, Hate Me" soon so watch out for it!

Track list:

01. 愛我恨我序章-亂世
02. 愛我恨我
03. 砰砰砰
04. 沒關係
05. 我能給的
06. WooHoo
07. 住在心裡面
08. 愛我恨我中章-遇襲
09. Run
10. Take a Break
11. 絕對不放
12. 破心臟
13. 愛我恨我末章Utopia
14. 愛之深責之切

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  1. AH! i cant wait to read the lyrics for his song, and I can't wait to listen to his album. I fell in love with his music video for "love me hate me"!


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