Jay Chou Attacks Media for the 2 Times

The First time

Displeased that he’s being accused of using Lin Chi-ling to gain viewership for his new variety show, Mr. J Channel, Jay Chou slams media online

Jay Chou is angry, and he's not afraid to show it.

The singer-actor and now host slammed the media through a weblog after he was accused of using Taiwanese top model Lin Ch-ling in his second episode of Mr. J Channel to drive up viewership of his variety show.

Jay commented that he had recorded his show with the model even before the first episode was aired; therefore it was not possible that he was trying to "save his show ratings".

He also added that the media blindly accused him of having poor ratings for his first episode only because he didn't come in first, calling them crazy and absurd.

As to Jay and Chi-ling showing real affections for each other during the set of The Treasure Hunter, his agency has expressed that they're close friends and it was all part of being getting into character.

The Second time

The new variety show host lashes out at the media once again for talking bad about his Mr. J Channel gig.

Jay Chou still hasn't got over the media attack on his new variety show Mr. J Channel.

The singer-actor and now host had previously slammed Taiwanese publication, Liberty Times through his weblog after they accused him of using Taiwanese top model Lin Ch-ling in episode two of Mr. J Channel to drive up viewership of his variety show.

He called Liberty Times ridiculous and absurd, and remarked that "their daddy" (referring to himself in Taiwanese) was too busy to play with them.

In response to his apparent rude behaviour online, he explained that there's nothing uncivilized about it. He admitted to being arrogant but added that Liberty Times was far worse.

Source: First Time, Second Time

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