Show Luo breaks down during concert

Show LuoBombarded with one negative report after another, Show Luo breaks down in tears during his concert in Macau.

There's a good reason behind Show Luo's tears.

The Taiwanese pop star was recently bombarded with not one, but several negative rumours.

It was first speculated that the singer-actor had contracted sexually transmitted disease (STD). He was then alleged to have spread the disease to rumoured girlfriend of four months Rainie Yang. He was later accused of being cold-hearted to his rumoured old flame Selina Jen, who suffered third degree burns from a filming accident.

During his concert in Macau over the weekend, Show finally broke down in tears when he talked about the recent bad press.

He explained in a post-concert interview that he felt like being back-stabbed with such ridiculous news - from sensationalizing someone's dream of him having STD to spreading disease to his rumoured girlfriend.

He added that he was just really good friends with Rainie, who is managed by the same company.

As for Selina's accident, he said that he had sent his regards through text messages but would not disclose details.

Source: Xin.MSN.Com

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  1. seriously, give him a break ):
    and wth is up with the whole thing about Selina. she doesn't need this kind of a news coverage at this point of time D:

  2. I feel so bad for him. Insults hurt in general, but these kinds of comments...that's pretty terrible.

    His personal life to the extent of his cordiality to an old ex-girlfriend, etc. is none of the media's business. (When's that ever stopped them before, I know. But really, these seem to be simple rumors with NO facts behind them. Are there really that many people believing it/spreading it that it reaches Show Lou's ears?)

    Depending on his relationship with Selina, he could be purposefully downplaying whatever he's done. I mean, if the media blew it up it would make things extremely awkward, especially considering the fact that Selina's engaged.

  3. Seriously people, leave him alone! He is a great actor and singer so who cares? Don't spread dumb rumors! I'm for you all the way Show Luo!


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