Mayonnaise's "Synesthesia" MV

Mayonnaise's newest music video "Synesthesia" is something worth listening.

Though I have been a fan of them since they were just starting, I think that this is their best song ever since most of their songs are more on pop and rock genres. And this one is perfect for those who are being emotional.

What amazes me the most is its music video and how it connects to the song and the viewer. Many have commented on this video asking for the story because if you watch it for the first time, it would turn out real bad 'cause you just can't understand it.

But after a couple of times watching it, I have finally figured out the storyline and I wish that what I understood is true.

may planong masama ung 2 boy sa girl. Pero nung nandun sila sa bahay nakita nung dalawang boy ung kaluluwa ng nagmamahal sa girl. He tried to warn the girl kahit patay na siya (un ung message ng song). Natakot ung 2 kaya tumakbo sila tapos hinabol sila nung girl. Kaya nagawa nila ung plano doon sa may river.

(the 2 boy have a bad plan for the girl. But when they were in the house, they saw the soul of the one loving the girl. He tried to warn the girl even he is dead (that's the message of the song). The 2 were afraid so they ran and the girl followed them. So they were able to do their plan on the river.

And the song means that even if you die, you will remain a guardian to the one you love.

My Rating: 10/10 

- Justin -

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