F.I.R.'s New Album: Opus VI - Atlantis

After a successful comeback, F.I.R. releases their newest album named "Opus VI - Atlantis". Being their sixth album, they have mastered everything. From creating the perfect songs to producing the biggest music videos.

When I first learned something about the group around two years ago, they have not released an album since. And finally, they are back!!

I have been craving for this group since they have this unique style that captures everyones heart and imagination. After knowing some tracks from the album, I listened to them and I was amazed. Each has its own characteristic and soul.

I really love each song in the album because they are so lovely and you wouldn't think that only 1 band sang it all. It showed their versatility so much that it was more than an album itself.

I recommend "Atlantis" and "Claustrophobia" with its breath-taking sound and melody, "Let Love Be Reborn" and "Tears in his Eyes" if you need some love and inspiration and "Screw" for that pop rock feeling.

Almost every song is perfect, I must say and I just totally love it!

My Rating: 10/10

Track List:

01. 亞特蘭提斯
02. 淚光閃爍
03. 花非花
04. 我超越
05. 愛有路可退
06. 微光
08. 唐吉訶德
09. 讓愛重生
10. 螺絲釘

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