It's our Birthday! Happy 1st Anniversary To Us!!

A year ago, I posted about S.H.E.'s newest album "SHERO". Now, a year has passed by. It was very fast.

Today, we celebrate the first birthday of our small blog!! Hooray!! Well, it was not really April 25, 2010 where we had our first post. Actually, it was March 25. But since, I just graduated and had done some preparations for that week, I totally forgot about it (yeah, I know that I am a complete jerk!!) and that's really bad and shameful.

Anyway, I decided to do it the month after (it will be done only this year, hopefully) which is today! After almost a year, we have made a huge difference and a huge impact to some of our readers.

We have some posts that topped of google and yahoo's search engines and it just keeps on getting better.

As of today, we have written 576 posts and generated 315 comments. And a whooping 250,000+ pageviews (including our first blog Thanks to all of you!!

And as a gift, like we have said, we have a big surprise to all of you!! Although, most of them are under construction, these are the things you must watch out on our year 2:

Got News? Share It! - It is brand new page of our blog where you can share some of the informations you have that can help us. So, if you have one, why not share them to us? Who knows, you might be the reason why our blog is famous.

Paparazzi - Are you photographer? Or have any pictures of your favorite stars? Whether it is a scandal, a rumour or just a fan pic, you are welcome here. Show off your favorite photos with your lovely star and guess what, you just might be our very own paparazzi!

Be A Member - Though we have asking out for applications ever since, this time we will take it to the next level. You will have a special page where you can apply and register.  After all, this is your blog. You can share your opinions to everyone.

Member's Corner - If you are a member of our blog, you will earn this privilege to have a spot in our member's corner. Here, you will have a profile that shares your facebook, twitter and other accounts that can help you build reputation. No worry, your privacy is important to us so you have an option either to show it or hide it.

Hall of Fame - Being an artist is a very hard thing to do, so each month, we will have an artist in our Hall of Fame if we think he/she deserves it. The criterias will be based on his performance, music videos, songs and news about him.

Wall of Shame - I know, there are artists that stands out but some, they go down deep. And we offer them this little space. Those nasty photos, weird songs, unlikeable music videos, and controversies that surrounds them are our criterias. No, don't think that this is an insult to them. It just our way of saying "stop doing that"!!

Well, those are to name a few. We are not sure if we can build this in a day or week. It might take us a month or two. But still, all the time waiting will sure be worth it.

So until next year!! Keep on supporting Taiwan-Pop! This is just the start for a bigger and better site!!

By the way, we would like to inform you that facebook has still haven't lifted up our block so we can't share anything to it. And the solution we are thinking is having our own domain (that would be or We don't know if this will work but this is the only option we have. However, it costs around $10 for a year. As much as I love to have it, I don't and none of my family has a credited card which is a requirement. We are looking for a sponsor who could help us. If you are willing, drop by a message to me at


Again, Happy 1st Birthday to us!!

- Justin -

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