Selina Jen tours the Taipei International Flora Expo

The Taiwanese pop starlet visited the expo with family

Last October, Taiwanese singer Selina Jen was hospitalised after she was severely burnt in an on-set accident.

During her stay at the hospital, Selina once expressed her wish to visit the Taipei International Flora Expo. The starlet, together with group members Hebe Tien and Ella Chen, were selected as ambassadors before her accident.

When the Taipei mayor heard that Selina was at the expo, he found time to cheer her on and hoped that she would relax and recover soon.

Selina, decked in long-sleeved shirt and pants, arrived at the expo in a wheelchair, holding an umbrella. As her newly grown skin is sensitive to sunlight and heat, Selina and family chose to visit the expo at around four in the afternoon.

"I prepared a small electronic fan, a fan and a parasol," Selina said. She did not have any makeup on and was sporting a silicone sheet on her chin, which hid her red scar.

Surprised fans and public, who saw the starlet, quickly whipped out their cameras. Selina smiled at the cameras graciously.

Selina reportedly only visited three expo areas this time.

After she went to the Pavilion of Dreams, Selina took a wish card and wrote down, "People are noticing me because I'm looking good these days. Let confidence and health complement each other. [I'll] gradually become someone who is beautiful inside and out."

Hebe also arrived at the expo in the afternoon. The two friends decided to walk separately in a bid to avoid commotion, but some fans still caught them together for a while.

Source: XIN MSN

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