Warner Music rumored to be offering big bucks to sign JJ Lin

JJ Lin’s contract with Ocean Butterflies will end after April. Thus, many record companies are looking for a possible collaboration with the soon-to-be free singer. Warner Music is rumoured to be giving a nine-hundred million (TWD) signing offer.

Warner Music’s CEO of Asia Pacific, Sam Chen, did not deny the rumor. He further revealed that companies such as EEG (from Hong Kong), and others from Taiwan and the mainland are also very interested, “JJ is a very valuable singer, (the contract price) is already way over the top.” Unlike other singers who separate their management and record contracts, JJ has always kept them combined, which helped his company make three-hundred million (TWD) a year.

Chen expressed that the record companies are offering crazy high prices and said that room for “creativity” could be the deciding factor. Chen explained that other A-list singers don’t sign both their management and record contracts with their record companies anymore. With JJ’s growing popularity in Asia, many companies are fighting to lock a deal with the singer. Chen commented, “JJ is no doubt a Super Star,” he then added, “We are also good friends, so of course I would very much want to work with him.”

It has been nine years since JJ’s debut plus a year of training. He has been with Ocean Butterflies for ten years; Ocean Butterflies’s CEO of Beijing said at the concert’s celebration party a few days ago, “JJ, no matter where you go, you’ll always have Ocean Butterflies stamped on your forehead.” – strongly wishing for JJ to stay.

Source: UDN, Cpop Access

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