A-mei dating mystery man, changing 'manly' ways

TAIPEI: Taiwan singer A-Mei revealed that she dated like a man and had many masculine habits, during a recent interview with Taiwan media.

"My manager feels that I should be more feminine," said A-Mei, before raising the example of how her 'manly' ways sometimes got her into trouble with her boyfriends.

A-Mei said she once got a call from her boyfriend in the middle of work and brushed him off by saying "I'm busy, I'll call you back", but forgot to do so until three days later, when her manager reminded her about it.

"I really thought he would know what I was thinking about. I'm much better now," said the 38-year-old singer, who admitted that she is now slowly learning to be a little more feminine and considerate.

Perhaps her new boyfriend triggered A-Mei's desire for change.

Popular Taiwan host Matilda Tao said A-Mei is now seeing someone, after breaking it off with basketball player Sam Ho.

Tao claimed that she had "met the man (A-Mei's new beau)", describing him as being "really not bad" when she had A-Mei as a guest on her talk show last week.

A-Mei, who caught the bouquet at Christine Fan's wedding earlier this month, did not deny it.

"We are all independent women. A normal relationship is no big deal!" declared the singer.

Whatever the reason, toning down her masculine ways might take some time.

A-Mei let slip that she had always preferred men's watches and continue to wear them.

She also added that she loves to take her male friends for a spin in her white Humvee, a powerful four-wheel-drive vehicle which oozes testosterone that is widely used in the US Army.

Source: Channel News Asia

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