Fahrenheit's Wu Chun and Hangeng are lookalike actors

Taiwanese boy band Fahrenheit’s Wu Chun and former Super Junior member Hangeng play the role of brothers in the upcoming action movie “My Kingdom.” The two have complicated relationships with the female lead role, played by famous Taiwanese actress Barbie Hsu (also known as Da S). In an interview by, Wu Chun and Hangeng talked about filming their movie and their thoughts on acting with Da S. When talking about fellow actor Hangeng, Wu Chun laughed and said that in the next movie, they could act as biological brothers because they share similar facial features.

The interview mentioned that it was indeed difficult to differentiate Wu Chun and Hangeng when they sat next to each other for the interview. Wu Chun explained how the two got along, “Before the filming started, we sent messages to each other to get to know each other better. We chatted about various interests and hobbies, and we would eat and do practice sessions together as well.” Wu Chun also said that they are both the type who is slow to warm up but talks more after getting to know each other.

Hangeng talks about a funny scene in the movie, saying, "We are both from a village. We went to Shanghai and for the first time, we went to a movie theatre to watch a movie. But because we learnt Beijing Opera in our youth, we were very influenced by it. So when there is a very interesting and good part, we would do a standing ovation. We actually did that in the movie theatre and at that time, all the foreigners were saying, What are you doing? Sit down now! So, I think this is a very fun scene."

Both Wu Chun and Hangeng talked about working with experienced actress Da S. Wu Chun stated that he felt like a younger brother next to her. Director Gao Xiao Song mentioned that any man standing in front of Da S would instantaneously become a small kid. Wu Chun explained he felt like her younger brother “because she really took great care of us, she is very meticulous, just like her role in the movie.” On the other hand, Hangeng is really grateful for the help Da S gave him while filming. "At the beginning, I did not know her well. But luckily, Da S is a very experienced actress. Her emotional side allows me to go into the mood at a faster pace, so I am lucky to work with an experienced actress."

While Wu Chun, who already had experience in action movies, did not find difficulty in filming the action scenes, Hangeng got injured several times. He explained, “There was an action scene with three of us fighting. Wu Chun was holding on to his spear, and the other actor threw his spear over. The spear was flexible so it hit my mouth, and my lips flipped.” Not only was he hurt during the action scenes, but Hangeng was slapped more than 20 times on the face by Da S, to the extent that his face turned red. Even though he was injured numerous times, Hangeng said he did not mind. He explained, “I get blood marks whenever I need to do scenes that requires wire hanging, and there was a scene which I need to jump over a person, but my centre of gravity kept going off so in the end, I had to do it over 10 times. The action director, Sammo Hung, usually would let me take a break but I would definitely just say that it’s alright and ask to carry on.”

Hangeng stated that the movie’s action director, Sammo Hung, has very high expectations for this film. He is very particular with details and pushes for near perfection as much as possible. Wu Chun also said that, under the directing by Sammo Hung, the atmosphere of every action scene is different and enthralling. Two months before joining the crew, the two started to practice opera skills. Half a month before the filming, they trained with professional martial arts students. In between the shooting periods, both of them loved to go to the gym. They would meet at the gym to train, just to make the fighting scenes in the movie even nicer.

Source:, AFSPOT
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