Selina Jen’s father confirms her marriage date

The Taiwanese singer will wed her fiancé on Oct 31

Taiwanese starlet Selina Jen, whose wedding with her fiancé Richard Chang (set on April 1 this year) was postponed to an indefinite date after she was badly scarred in an on-set accident while filming in Shanghai last October.

It was recently rumoured that the starlet will tie the knot on her birthday, and Selina's father confirmed the news yesterday.

While filming for a variety show, Father Jen revealed that "if her condition does not get worse, Selina would turn into a beautiful bride on Oct 31, and marry Richard, the man who's been standing by her and supporting her".

Father Jen added that he is grateful for Richard's care of Selina all this while, saying that "[Selina Jen] has finally found someone she can spend the rest of her life with," and even described their relationship as a "destiny".

He would also leave the wedding details to the couple, and would respect the decisions made by his future son-in-law.

When asked if Selina's band mate Ella Chen would marry her boyfriend Alvin Lai after Selina's wedding, Father Jen replied that he's met Alvin once and felt that the latter is tall, handsome and polite. He added that Alvin and Ella are compatible with each other.

However, Father Jen said that he did not know if Ella would marry her beau, because his "surname is not Chen", and urged the media to wait for announcements from S.H.E's management company.

Source: Xin MSN

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