S.H.E’s Ella Chen to tie the knot soon?

The singer is said to be getting married after bandmate Selina Jen

Will fans of Taiwanese pop group S.H.E witness two weddings this year?

According to a Hong Kong tabloid magazine, Ella Chen will either tie the knot by the end of this year or next March to Malaysian boyfriend Alvin Lai. This follows reports that fellow member Selina Jen will marry fiancé Richard Chang in October this year.

However, when asked about her marriage plans at her 30th birthday celebration, Ella claimed that she had been too busy.

Ella's recording company, HIM International, also denied the rumours saying that the starlet is currently busy with movie commitments and has no time for other matters.

The company also assured fans that their priority is S.H.E's reunion.

A few days ago, Ella and Alvin, were seen shopping together. The couple had become more open after their relationship was revealed.

The couple's relationship is said to be stable, as both their families are on good terms.

Apart from rumours of an upcoming marriage, the Hong Kong magazine also claimed that Alvin might be a homosexual as a male netizen had claimed that they had spent a night together.

Ella's fans became more worried when the magazine reported that Alvin is a playboy with many ex-girlfriends.

Since his relationship with Ella was exposed, Alvin, an associate manager for L'Oreal Paris was promoted for his good work, proving that he is not a "slacker" like what tabloid magazines claim.

Source: Xin MSN

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