Stefanie Sun parties with superstar friends

A-Mei, Christine Fan, Dee Hsu were some of the celebs who partied with the local singer during her recent trip to Taiwan

Local singer Stefanie Sun made her first trip back to Taiwan a few days ever since she got married in May. Husband Nadim van der Ros was with her for the three-day-two-night trip.

Upon reaching Taiwan, the couple reportedly took a quick rest at their hotel before heading for dinner with some friends at a restaurant.

After their dinner, while Stefanie hugged her friends to bid goodbye, Nadim was seen continuously snapping photographs of the restaurant's exterior.

After which, the couple shopped at a shopping complex nearby before rushing over to Saya Chang's newly opened "A★Bar".

Not long after, singer Christine Fan, TV host Dee Hsu and her husband, as well as model Pace Wu were seen entering "A★Bar". A Taiwanese reporter also spotted A-Mei's rumoured bartender boyfriend Sam appearing at the bar.

Stefanie and Nadim both drank a little, while A-Mei and Dee Hsu sang on stage to hype up the crowd.

Nadim, who was very friendly that night, was said to have sang and danced with the crowd, and also slow danced with Stefanie.

At around midnight, Stefanie and Nadim left the bar through the back door under heavy security escort, while Christine left through the front door. When asked about her impression of Nadim, the singer smiled and said, "Very good!"

When the media called Stepfanie's recording company to ask about her schedule in Taiwan, they expressed that they do not intervene with their artiste's personal schedule.

Source: Xin MSN

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