Twins turns back into the 'school girls', redo all expression & poses from 10 years ago

Popular duo Twins have been in the industry for 10 years now. The other day, Twins were shooting the album cover to their all new Mandarin album 3650. One of the covers especially goes back 10 years to Twins’ school girl look. Wearing the school uniform again, Twins still looks just like school girls like they did in the past. Ah Sa laughed: “I haven’t wore school uniforms for a long time, at first I felt some pressure because we had to do our expressions and poses from 10 years ago. Fortunately the results were ideal, going back into the young girl feeling.”

10 Years Ago
Present Day - 2011

Ah Gil said: “I looked back at many of our old photos, and realized school uniforms look very similar to active wear. It is Twins symbol after entering the industry, it is part of our life experience.” On the day of the photo shoot, many of the staff greatly praised Twins school girl look. They teased Twins asking if they ate “preservatives”, otherwise how could they keep their same appearance and body figure for 10 years, like a ‘never old legendary’. When Twins heard the praises, they were felt so satisfied: “Finally in one peace!”

Source:, TVB News World
Translator: aZnangel@AEU

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