Hollywood celebs on Coco Lee’s wedding guest list

The singer is reportedly sparing no expense for her big day in October

After eight years of courtship, Coco Lee and her fiancé Bruce will be tying the knot on Oct 28.

The vivacious pop singer's shindig will reportedly cost her more than USD$10million (S$12.03mil) and the bride-to-be has started distributing wedding invitation cards to her guests.

The cover of the invitation card consists of a silk piece printed in silver, with the abbreviation of the couple's English name "CB" printed on it. The content of the wedding is written in both English and Chinese, it is also stated that wedding guests need not present them with any gifts.

A joyous event to look out for, it is speculated that Coco's big day has one of the highest wedding budget amongst that of Hong Kong and Taiwanese female artistes who recently got hitched.

To ensure that she has the perfect wedding venue, CoCo also reportedly rented the whole Shaw Brothers (Hong Kong) Limited's Studio as her wedding venue. Apart from that, the newly-weds-to be will also charter a private plane to personally shuttle their guests from Canada and US to attend their wedding celebrations in Hong Kong.

That's not all. An attentive and caring person, Coco extended the full superstar treatment to all her guests by offering them exclusive makeup services by experienced makeup artists.

On her microblog, the 36-year-old stated that she has also hired a renowned Hollywood florist as her wedding consultant, apart from ordering her wedding gown from the states.

To match her opulent wedding fanfare, "The World Most Influential Women" and media conglomerate, Oprah Winfrey, has confirmed her attendance at Coco's big day and R&B singer Beyonce Knowles is reportedly on the guest list as well.

It is said that both napkins and flower decorations used at the venue will be delivered from Paris to Hong Kong. When asked to comment on Coco's wedding preparations, the singer's manager claimed that she has no idea about the wedding details and expenses, as it has been a while since she last contacted the singer.

Source: Xin MSN

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