Richard Chang clarifies S.H.E’s discord rumours

The lawyer responded to the rumour, while S.H.E. members Hebe and Ella expressed that their relationship will never change

It was previously reported that S.H.E. member Selina Jen's fiancé Richard Chang attempted to incite disharmony amongst the S.H.E group members by "demanding" for an equal share of endorsement fee and implying that Hebe Tian is using Selina to promote her new song 'You'.

His actions infuriated both Hebe and Ella Chen when they got wind of the news and the duo blasted the lawyer on Facebook with remarks like: "not a man" and "not even comparable to the plaque between teeth".

After the news was reported yesterday, Richard posted a note of clarification on his microblog: "After our marriage was postponed due to [Selina's] injury, I have been trying to keep a low profile. Yet, the members of the media have been reporting [about me]! At the same time there must be people targeting me, eyeing for an opportunity [to stir things up], trying to blow things out of proportion. I have been mentally preparing myself [for this], and imagined all sorts of scenarios, but I have never thought they would use the people close to me for an attack."

According to the lawyer, this "story" is a personal attack to him and he will look into it before making further comments.

Meanwhile, Hebe and Ella, who were busy filming a commercial yesterday, both expressed that S.H.E.'s relationship will never change. Hebe also added that Richard was moved by her new song and did not express any dissatisfaction with it.

Responding to the rumour, a spokesperson from HIM International expressed, "Selina really likes the song 'You'. The message might have been passed on from a third person and resulted in this misunderstanding."

Source: Xin MSN

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