Will Pan receives Golden Bell nomination: “I don’t believe it!”

As reported previously, Will Pan received a nomination for his role in “Endless Love”. His manager, Yellow, immediately called to congratulate him, but he couldn’t believe it and said, “You’re joking, right?” Yellow reassured him, “I’m not joking, you really got nominated.” Good friend June Tsai, who had the honor to announce the nominees, also texted him right away to deliver the good news.

On the verge of tears, Will, who turned 30 on August 6th, expressed that he was very happy to be able to take part in both “Golden” Awards before and after his birthday - Will performed at the Golden Melody Awards and is now nominated for Golden Bell. Will further said, “Getting nominated for Golden Bell is already a great recognition for my acting. Whether I win or not, it’s not important.”

Thinking back to when he filmed “Endless Love”, Will commented, “Because the drama was rather sad, after it ended, I was in a pretty sad mood.” He thanked producer Angie Chai and Director Lin He-Long and also congratulated Director Lin for his nomination. He laughed, “It was worth getting scolded by him (director)!”

Yellow revealed that after filming “Endless Love”, there had been many drama offers for Will, including the leading role to SETTV’s “Love You”, which is also nominated for Golden Bell. Will didn’t accept the offer as he felt that he needed to be careful in taking new roles and avoid doing things that he has no confidence in.

The Golden Bell Awards ceremony will be held on October 21st. However, Will is already scheduled for a performance in the mainland. Since he really wants to attend the show, he will try his best to rearrange his schedule, “I can finally understanding the feeling of how people say ‘getting nominated means you’ve won already’.” Will expressed that he was not good in academics, and after becoming a singer, he hasn’t gotten many awards, so he feels very happy about getting nominated for best actor this time.

Will will be returning to Taiwan by end of September. He will be busy with filming commercials and preparing for his new album, which is estimated to be released early next year.

Source: Cpop Access, Now News

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