Ella Chen will not attend ex-lover’s wedding

The Taiwanese singer said that she will not attend the wedding, even if she is free

S.H.E member Ella Chen dated Taiwanese musician Josh Chen for three months in 2007. However, due to Josh's wish to put his focus on his career then, the couple broke up amicably.

Now, both Ella and Josh have found their better halves. Ella is currently dating Malaysian Lai Si Xiang, while Josh will marry his model girlfriend Hua Hua -- whom he had dated for one and a half years -- next year.

During a programme recording a few days ago, Josh revealed that he had successfully proposed to Hua Hua and they will be walking down the aisle next year.

When the media probed if he would invite ex-lover Ella to the wedding, Josh refused to answer.

However, when asked if Hua Hua would be inviting her ex-boyfriend, the musician replied, "I think he can come."

When interviewed yesterday, Ella expressed that she had seen the report and complimented Hua Hua for being a beautiful girl. She felt that Josh had put in much effort in the relationship.

"I haven't contacted Mr Chen for a long time," she added.

When asked if she thought Josh and Hua Hua are compatible, Ella said, "Only they know if they're compatible."

Responding to whether she would attend "Mr Chen's" wedding, the singer replied that she had "thought about it seriously".

"If he sends me an invitation and I happen to be free, I still don't think I'll be going," Ella said.

Ever since Ella began dating Si Xiang, there had been frequent rumours that the singer was going to get married. When asked if she would marry before Josh, Ella said coyly, "I'm not getting married. Don't stress me."

Fellow band mate Selina Jen will be getting married four days later. When asked how much Ella was going to give to the newlyweds as hongbao, she joked, "I'm prepared to give [them] my entire bank book and my seal."

Hebe expressed that as the day of the wedding is also Selina's birthday, she will also buy her a birthday gift.

Source: Xin MSN

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